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Google File Stream vs. Google Backup and Sync for your Google Drive: Which will work best for you?

I have had a few teachers talk to me about getting a notification on their computer to download either Google File Stream or Google Backup and Sync. Since the desktop version of Google Drive is going away, a choice needs to be made for us all (Hackman, 2017). In fact, on December 11th of this year, Google will no longer support the Google Drive Desktop App, and it will go away completely on March 12th, 2018 (Sharwood, 2017)

So, I thought it would be good if I shared some of the differences in features so that you can make an educated decision about which product to download.

The simplest way for me to describe the difference between products is this: One is cloud based (internet access required for access), the other is stored on the device (uses hard drive space and can be accessed with or without internet).

(Note: This is only for Mac or PC, not Chromebooks. Drive can already be accessed directly on a Chromebook)

My favorite feature of both of these new programs is that files from …

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