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Adding a Signature and Picture to your Gmail messages

Did you know that you can set a signature at the bottom of your emails with information about yourself without having to type it in repeatedly? There are several benefits to doing this:
Your NEW colleagues will know your name.Your NEW colleagues will know what job title and department you are in.All of your colleagues will see other information that you want them to have such as your phone extension #, website, social media information, or an inspiring quote. Also, you may be able to help your colleagues associate your name and your face with a picture. To create a signature and a picture, follow these few simple steps (in 3 minute video form or written directions):

 Go to and sign in to your account (if prompted)Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.Select "Settings" from the drop down list. In the "Settings" menu under the "General" tab, scroll down to signature. Change from "No Signature" selection to th…

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