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How to use the new Tech Work Order System

The Technology department at Champaign Unit 4 Schools made some changes at the end of last year with regard to the work order system. The important public service announcement is that the work order system is still the way to contact the department if any piece of hardware (computers, printers, SMART Boards, etc.) is not working the way it should. Please do not email anyone about these issues. If you do, we are nice people that will take care of your issue, but here's how that will work...we will submit a work order for you (one freebie only). Which means that if you know how to do it yourself, you won't have to wait on us! And if you used your free reminder up, all you will get is a very friendly email saying "DIY". So, ipso facto, by learning how to do it yourself, your issue will be taken care of faster. Make sense?

Anyway, here is the video that walks you through step by step. There are time stamps at the beginning of the video that will guide you to a certain p…

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