MySimpleShow: A Fun Presenting Tool for Students

MySimpleShow is a great tool for students to present in class. No matter what subject area you teach, this web-based presentation tool gives students an opportunity to get creative through writing a presentation script, adding images that represent key words or phrases, and putting it all together using either an electronic voice or a voice-over created by the student.

As the name suggests, there is nothing super fancy about this website. Signing on is simple, creating a script is simple, adding pictures or using pre-loaded images is simple, and adding the voice is simple. It even has a simple tutorial video for every step of the process. If you want your students to create a voice over, they will need to make sure that they allow the use of a microphone, but once they do, it is SIMPLE! (I'm sensing a theme here!)

So, if you are tired of giving students google slides or prezi as their presentation options, I would recommend giving MySimpleShow a try.

For teacher usage, the website also just recently added an option to convert your teacher PowerPoint presentations into a MySimpleShow, so if you have a PowerPoint that you want to convert, you can try that out too. It's simple!

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