Printing Bulk Emails from Gmail

Recently, I had a colleague that wanted to print a large number of emails to turn in parent communication records. To do that in Gmail is not easy to do. Finding a free way to do it was even more challenging. However, I did find a rather complicated way to achieve this printing without getting carpal tunnel in your index finger from the constant opening of one email at a time and then clicking print.

The solution is to set up a label in your Gmail, move all of the emails you want to print into that label, get a google sheets add-on called Add Emails and Attachments, download a chrome store web app called PDF Mergy, and magically without any effort at all (rolling eyes emoji), you have a bulk email pdf that you can print in the future with just one click after you open the file (and roughly 12-15 clicks to set up the merged pdf, but who's counting?).

Obviously, this is not ideal and there needs to be a better solution. But, even the pay version (Gmail All Print Pro, currently $1.99 on chrome store) has some similar setup requirements.

So with all of that said, here is a video explaining how to do that using a chrome browser.

One addition to the video: If you are accessing the PDF Mergy on a chrome browser on a mac or pc, the app button will appear in the top left corner, but if you are on a chromebook in Champaign Unit 4, the app will appear here   after clicking  in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you don't see it, just search for PDF Mergy once you get here.

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