5 Reasons Why I Prefer Inbox by Gmail To Regular Gmail

How much time do you spend checking Gmail? If you're like me probably too much. You're sitting in front of a device during a planning period, constantly scanning emails, creating that priority list in your head (first comes Admin to specifically me, then comes Content Area/Team, then anything with a "re:" in front, and so on.)

What if your email could help you with this? Sure, you can create filters and direct emails to different folders, but what if you wanted to do some organizing without going through all the hassle of setting that up?

Enter Inbox by Gmail. The mail app and website that works for you.

So now that you watched the video above, you heard the many things I like about Inbox. So here is a summary of my top 5 reasons why I prefer Inbox over regular Gmail.

1. Much Easier To Use On Phones

Yes, there is an app for both, but here is the difference. The Inbox app is just easier. You can set up your app to archive emails or delete emails by swiping right with your finger on the screen (see video at 5:10 mark). Plus, you can do everything else gmail lets you do, only in a much more user friendly interface.

I would go on, but I would spill into the other things that I like, such as bundling, which can be done on any device using the inbox app (download here for IOShere for Androidhere for Chromebook, or visit inbox.google.com on any browser).

2. Bundling

This should be number one, because this is the absolutely best feature. Inbox has several pre-set bundle options where every email that is related to a specific topic goes into that category. You can click on the category to see all the emails within the bundle if you want, but the bundling cleans up the main page by automatically organizing and highlighting important attachments, the sender's name, and subject matter. If something is supposed to be bundled someplace and is not, you can add it to the bundle you want. You can even create your own bundles, perhaps for your co-workers, content area, or building communications. And if you are used to filing things away in a label, you can still do that for any individual email.

 3. Snoozing Emails

Inbox gives you the ability to take that important email you didn't have time to read or respond to, and just like the snooze on your alarm clock, have the email pop up again at any time you want. You can set it to come back right before your planning period, after school, or before school the next morning. You can even change the pre-set times for morning, afternoon, and evening. If you are stubborn about using regular gmail, you can also download the Boomerang extension, which does the same thing. But, in the Inbox phone app you can also snooze by swiping to the left, which Boomerang can only do on Android as of now.

4. Setting Reminders

The reason I like the reminders feature is because I use Google Calendar. If I set a reminder with a particular time associated with it, it shows up in my Google Calendar too! You can also pin a reminder to the top of the main page so it's always there to stare you in the face and shame you to action.

5. Undo

Have you ever sent an email without an attachment, without carbon copying the right addresses, or simply without finishing it because your chubby fingers touched the send button accidentally (speaking personally, I meant no offense) or your cat walks across and knows just how to type the exact wrong thing just before you send it? If you can relate to any of these, the Undo feature is for you. Although I wish it would be available for longer (currently the button only shows up for 10 seconds), most of the time it is human nature to realize you want to undo something just after you do something wrong and can't take it back. This feature is also available in gmail in a browser (for up to 30 seconds if you change it in settings), but not in the app version for your phone, which is where chubby fingers attack most frequently.

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