New Feature to Google Classroom for Differentiation

For those of you that use Google Classroom, you may have noticed a few upgrades. Today, I want to highlight a feature that (FINALLY) allows teachers to assign individually or to small groups. This feature can be found when you are in the process of adding a new assignment. When you get to the assignment setup page pictured below, click on the drop down arrow next to "All students". This will allow you place a checkmark next to each of the students you want to see the assignment. Then, all you need to do is schedule the assignment as normal.

I can see this being useful for assigning readings that will be discussed as a group in a jigsaw-style reading session, as well as assigning different projects to different groups of students. Also, this is great for assigning readings and assignments that are for students with different reading abilities for special needs students.

This is one of the best upgrades to Google Classroom I have seen so far. It is nice to see that Google is listening to the needs of teachers and constantly improving their product.

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