Make Presentations Easier With Google Cast For Education

This feature is currently blocked for Unit 4 Schools. Sorry :(

The following app is designed to be used for computers (Apple, PC, Chromebook) on the SAME wired or wireless network. As of now this app will not work on iPads, iPhones, and only a few Android devices.

If you are a teacher that likes for students to collaborate and learn from each other in group settings or through presentations, have I got the Google App for you. Google Cast for Education is an app designed to allow students to share their screen to your digital whiteboard or projector. The app is designed to be used in a situation where a particular student has found something that they want everyone to see without the need to find it on everyone's device or share the URL. 

In the video above, I give a breakdown of how to get set up with Google Cast for Education, but here are the basic things to know:

1. You and your students must use the Google Chrome browser in order for this to work.

2. The teacher can share with students as they request or share with an entire Google Classroom or Google Group.

3. The teacher can control who shares their screen by accepting or denying any screen share.

4. The teacher can close the connection at any time.

For those of you familiar with AppleTV or Chromecast, this is a free alternative for screencasting available to you. For more information on setup and teacher/student views, watch the video above.  

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