Chromecart 2.0: No More Grayscale

In the world of 1's and 0's, sometimes aesthetics can take a back seat. While technology giants are always looking for a simple, sleak, and user-friendly design for their devices, the look and feel of the device cart is often overlooked. Not so at Champaign Central High School. Carol-Lynn Comparetto is an Art teacher at Central that took on the challenge of beautifying the rather monochromatic look of a Chromebook cart stored in an ESL classroom, and there is definitely excitement about the future. "I'd like to make more!", exclaimed Comparetto as she enthusiatically recalls the process for making this Chromecart 2.0 with her Central High School Art Club.

"It took 5 students about a month to complete," she explained. "It took our students a very long time, so it is going to take some convincing. It's really difficult to take a chrome cart out of use for that long, so it will be tricky figuring out how to balance this in the future."

While the project is rather time consuming, the cost is fairly minimal. Comparetto stated that "materials cost between $15 and $20 (per cart)," which may prove to be a positive moving forward should other teachers be interested.

While the first cart has an under the sea theme, Comparetto believes that other carts could potentially feature "different interests the Central High students have, and show the diversity of interests off."

If you are a Central High teacher with a Chromebook cart and would like more information on making a Chromecart 2.0, feel free to contact her and she can add you to the list.

For everyone else, maybe this will inspire you to speak to your art teachers. Either way, I think it's a lot more fun than the dreary metallic ones. Maybe you or your students will agree.    

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