Uploading Grades from Google Forms to eSchools' Teacher Access Center (TAC)

"Double Entry" is one of the new buzz phrases I hear from teachers when I introduce any new tool that has a grading component built into it. The idea that the grade doesn't automagically go directly in a teacher's gradebook is a signal that many teachers are ready for all these programs to play nice together instead of taking a bunch of grades from one place and manually transferring them to another. Some gradebooks play nicer than others, but in my district we use Teacher Access Center (TAC) as a part of the eSchools platform. Up until now, I didn't think that TAC was capable of playing nice. But, as any good teacher does, I found a way to make it behave for the good of all.

The information below is related specifically to how a Google Forms Quiz can work with TAC, but it could apply to any application that is capable of creating a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) form. The basic principals could apply to another gradebook as well.

So, without further ado, here we go!

Google Forms has recently added a quiz feature that will allow you to use it as an assessment tool. Read this setup guide to help you get started. The purpose of this article is to guide any TAC user through the process of transferring grades from Forms to TAC.

But, in order to transfer grades successfully, teachers must set up their quiz correctly. Teachers MUST have students enter their Student ID and their name (for easy retracing if something goes wrong) as required short answer questions at the beginning of your quiz. Failure to do so will actually create more work for Teachers, but I suppose you could retroactively add student ID numbers (But I don't recommend it).

After you are finished creating your assessment, watch this video and/or follow these directions to import grades from the quiz to TAC.

Written Directions for Video

1. Set up an assignment on TAC just like you would normally.

2. Create a Google Sheet of your student results.

  • Open your Google Forms Quiz
  • Select tab located at the top center of the quiz page next to the “Questions” tab. 
  • Once the “Responses” tab is selected, click the button in the top right corner of the page. 
  • Select “Create a New Spreadsheet” then change the name to the filename you want or leave it as labeled. When you are ready to create your Sheet, click “Create”. The sheet should open immediately.

3. Create a usable CSV file from your Sheet.
  • Highlight the column with “Score” as its header. 
  • Type Ctrl+H (or Command-Shift-H on a Mac), make the box look like the box below, then click “Replace all”.

Note: The value you enter in the find box should match the number of points the quiz is worth. I just used 10 as an example. YOU MUST put a space before and after the forward slash (/).

  • Then, Click “Format” in the menu column, then hover over “Number” in the drop-down menu with your pointer. Then, select “Number” in the next menu over until it is checked. This will put the score in the right format for TAC.

  • Finally, to create the CSV file, select:  File>Download as>Comma-separated values

4. Upload CSV file to TAC assignment.

  • Go back to your TAC assignment and click the button above the point entry column in your assignment that looks similar to the column to the left. 
  • Click “Import Score From File” in the new dialogue box. 
  • Next Click and find your newly created CSV file. (Which should be located in your downloads folder) 
  • Then, select “CSV” as the File format. 

  • Next fill in the “Student ID Column Number” and “Score Column Number”. These will correspond with the Column Letter for the Student ID column in your Sheet (A=1, B=2, and so on). The only exception is any column AFTER the name column. Since the name is in the format “Last Name, First Name” the comma makes this column count as 2. (e.g.- if the Name column is letter D and the Student ID Column is letter E, the name column would count as columns 4 AND 5, with Column E being column 6) 
  • Lastly, check the box next to “File has Header Row” and then click .

After this step, you should be able to see your student scores in the column and a pop up screen saying “# of # scores successfully uploaded.” Then you just need to save as normal. Congratulation if you read through this whole set of instructions. It's all downhill from here! I hope this helps save you a little time with pesky "Double Entry" situations.

If you have any problems or you just can't contain your enthusiasm for this awesome timesaver, leave a comment below.

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