Uploading Grades from Google Classroom to TAC

Two of the most common ways to distribute class information to students is either Google Classroom or Schoology (sorry Moodle peeps). And one of the biggest headaches involved with these systems is the transferring of grades into our school's Student Information System (SIS) called Teacher Access Center (TAC), powered by eSchools and SunGard. In fact, many of you may not even use the grade book features on other platforms because they don't sync with your grade book. Now I know, I know. Many of you educators out there may have a fully integrated system where your grade book magically syncs up. But for those of us in this world of piecemeal technology, we need to be able to take advantage of the grade book features available to us in Schoology or Classroom (although Classroom grade book is arguably not a grade book really, but you get my point.)

So, how do we get these grades to transfer without having to enter them by hand in Google Classroom?
The answer can be found in this short tutorial video and guide I created. Enjoy!

And how do we get these grades to transfer in Schoology? Watch and Read HERE

Transferring Grades from Google Classroom to TAC

Instructions from the video (if you like to read instead)
  1. Create an assignment in TAC 
  2. Store the Class Student Names and Student ID numbers in a spreadsheet (Sheets or Excel).
  3. Open the Assignment in Google Classroom
  4. Select the gear button in the top right corner and select "Download these grades as CSV"
  5.  Open the downloaded CSV file. Select "File", then "Save as Google Sheets" to edit and include missing student ID #'s                                                                   
  6. Make sure Google Sheet file is alphabetical by LAST NAME, then paste Student ID #'s from your class record created in Step 2. Paste the ID #s in front of column A by hovering your cursor over column A, clicking the  button, then selecting "Insert 1 left". This means your ID #'s will be in Column A and your scores will be in Column E.
  7. With your Google Sheet complete with Student ID#'s, names, and scores from the Classroom assignment all loaded properly, select "File", then "Download as...", then "Comma-separated values". A new CSV file will download to your computer.
  8.  Go back to your TAC gradebook. Select the Mass Edit button () below the assignment title. Then, select "Import Scores From File" in the pop up window.                                                                                                          
  9. Select , then select your CSV file created in step 7 and click OPEN. Your CSV filename will then be listed next to the "Choose File" button. Click the bubble next to "CSV" FIRST, then enter "1" in the "Student ID Column Number" box and "5" for the "Score Column Number" box. Lastly, check the box next to "File has Header Row" and click Import. (A pop-up window will tell you something like "35 of 35 scores imported"  (These numbers correspond with Column A (1) and Column E (5) in your CSV file.)                                                  
  10. Hit the save button on TAC to finalize the transfer.

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