Free Webinars for Teachers this Summer

The light at the end of the tunnel is clearly in view. School's (almost) out for summer. You have Alice Cooper all queued up and ready to sing the perfect finale to the school year. But, in a few weeks, after the stress and pressure of the school year fades, and the fun of the summer begins to seem as monotonous as a winter in Oahu, many of you will start to think about next year. Even if it is only in passing thoughts between blissful family or fun time, almost every teacher starts to think about tweaking content, delivery, or activities in your courses.

When that time comes, come back and read the rest of this blog, because that is the mindset you will need for this topic. For the overachievers ready to move on now, I have good news for you. There are many opportunities this summer that can guide that discussion of tweaking.

One of the best opportunities can be a webinar, so here are some websites that offer free ones:

EdWeb has a calendar of upcoming webinar events. These are all free and easy to participate in. The best news is that if you sign up for one of their webinars, they offer an opportunity to have the webinar video emailed to you if you can't make the live session. Topics are generally related to digital learning, but there are content specific webinars as well.


EdWeek is a great resource for past webinars and future webinars. EdWeek has an immense archive of webinars based on subject matter, including Literacy/ELA, Math, Assessments, Common Core, Ed Tech, College/Career Readiness, and Special Ed.


SimpleK12 has a free registration that gives you access to webinars on demand, and if you don't want to hassle with signing up, there are free webinars as well. This site has a robust number of options for topics, including content specific and social-emotional topics. I highly recommend registering as they will also notify you of upcoming events you can sign up for directly through your email.

Have a great summer everyone! Enjoy the well deserved rest, and only dive back in when you are refreshed and ready to take up the challenge that is educating the minds of our young people.

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